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decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviewsCustomer Review Rating
Ari Applewhite, Anoka County, 04/16/2022
Mike is definitely an expert in the field of odor removal. He was able to help us out when we had no idea how to take care of the issue. Bio One was able to remove a strong odor from our campervan. He was friendly and easy to work with.
decontamination and biohazard cleaning services reviewsCustomer Review Rating
Scott Ryan, Hennepin County, 07/29/2019
Wonderful people to work with. We’ve been trying to clean and de-clutter the basement for two years. And now we can get the water/mold problem fixed, that has existed (and we didn’t find out about until later) since before we moved in 20 years ago! We are super super happy customers. Picture is a small fraction (one corner) of what was in there.
Customer Review Rating
Megan Effertz, Anoka County, 3/22/2019
OneOme provides great insight and empowers the patient in the decision making process regarding medications. Ordering the test is a simple process and the site is incredibly user-friendly. Results are back in less than a week and then you get to meet with a genetic counselor as part of the results process. This is a great tool to have to help manage your health and wellness.
Customer Review Rating
Michael 1RareZebra, Anoka County, 3/22/2020
Excellent experience with this provider. I suffer from multiple rare conditions and this test was EXTREMELY helpful & comprehensive. It really helped explain why certain medications did not process well in my body (along with ones that do). Although the reports are very well outlined, a geneticist also helps review the data as a bonus. Highly recommended.
Customer Review Rating
Sandy klein-mirviss, Hennepin County, 3/22/2019
I recommend this test for absolutely EVERYONE! I think it is especially beneficial to have this test before you even need to take medications because it provides the optimal options for hundreds of medications in all categories of need (Cardiac, Infectious disease, Gastroenterology oncology, etc). Having this test can prevent you from trying medications that have negative side effects for you which could prolong or worsen the illness process as was the case of my daughter. It took YEARS to find the combination of meds that worked with her personal genomic profile. Since taking the OneOme test, she has been doing fantastic! My entire family and many friends have also taken the test with very helpful results.
Customer Review Rating
Rebecca Aspelund, Hennepin County, 3/22/2019
This was a easy and wonderful way to find out about what meds work for You. My husband was so frustrated at Trying med after med that he was about to give it all up. Thanks to OneOme, he is back on track with meds that work for him! Everyone should have this in their medical records to aid their doctors.
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